The Umbra

Separated from our world by a barrier known as the gauntlet, the spirit world is a metaphoric reflection of what happens in the physical world (or is it vice versa?). Though they have spent the majority of their time in the physical plane there are several places in the Umbra that pack have ventured to.

The Penumbra of Vancouver

The Penumbra lies directly on the other side of the gauntlet. Being a modern city the penumbra of Vancouver is dominated by the weaver’s webbing and the pattern spider spirits. This said there are pocket’s of Wyld energy, chiefly emanating from the city’s parks. Animal spirits encountered are often those of the creatures most comfortable in the city; Raccoon, Rat, Skunk, Cockroach and Crow.
Spirit servants of the Wyrm; banes have been seen in the East Hastings area. In the penumbral reflection the Northwest recycling plant, Uratha and Jason encountered a large spirit suspected of being a bane.

Other realms

There are a great many other realms in the spirit world, many of which reflect a concept, theme or moment in history. The other realms the encountered by the pack are:

The Umbra

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