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Hunger pangs predominantly takes place in the city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The game has been set around 2006, before major public works were begun to tidy up the city for the Winter Olympic games in 2010. The players are a pack of five young Werewolves, all of whom are relatively new to the area. The five pack members are:

Setting: Locations in the game.

The mountainous area in Southwestern Canada and Northwestern USA is known as the Pacific Northwest. The region has a temperate climate and dense pine forests fueled by the high rainfall in the area. Generally it is grey and rainy, with many mountains covered in Pine forests. It is also becoming an important economic hub with forestry resources, technological industries and ocean ports that support trade with Asia.

The game’s main setting is in the city of Vancouver but includes many of the mountainous regions to the north. Four Garou Septs in the region have formed an alliance to form the Greater Vancouver Protectorate. The sept that controls Vancouver city and the mountains to the direct north, known as the Sky Lake sept, is the one to which the player’s belong.

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Cast: Other characters of Hunger Pangs

The Garou believe in three gargantuan spiritual entities that shape creation.

  • The high presence of the “Pure Ones” combined with a large presence of European Garou creates inter-tribal tensions. Other shapechangers are also present, some still holding old resentment from the Wars of Rage.
  • Additionally the long winter nights and vibrant night-life make the city a coveted territory for several Vampire groups.

The major factions that the pack comes into contact with are;

Story Arcs: What the characters know.

As the pack have become more familiar with the area, they have discovered more about the supernatural landscape of Vancouver. Below is a summary of the major story arcs uncovered so far.

  • Hunger Pangs: Gamalco’s involvement in the production of formori through tainted meat.
  • Blood Wars: Political upheaval amongst the vampires.

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