Vancouver itself is generally a modern city but there are many old, gothic pockets – the area around Gastown and Hastings street in particular. The city has a brief, warm summer and over the winter months gets some snow. The other six months of the year it is generally misty, grey and raining. The downtown area is densely metropolitan but the majority of suburbs are green and leafy with many parks. The city center itself houses one of the largest urban parks in the world, Stanley Park. It is a city of Juxtaposition; bright new skyscrapers next to crumbling old landmarks, Labyrinthine alleys and sewers are walking distance from densely forested parks. On the surface it is a beautiful city with a laid-back populace but beneath the environmentally-friendly, health-conscious, self-improving veneer there is a seeping sickness of drug addiction, hollow decadence and desperate poverty. Perfect breeding grounds for The Wyrm.


The Downtown area of Vancouver is a promontory that overlooks the Burrard inlet to the North and English bay to the south. At the Northern-most tip is Stanley park. Major locations in the game are listed below.

Active: These are locations that frequently get visited.

The suburbs

From the affluent oceanside properties in Kitsilano to the gritty neighborhoods around Hastings-Sunrise, the suburbs are another important backdrop to the game. In game locations include:


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