Hunger Pangs

Chapter 4

In the Belly of the Beast

A Vampire by the name of Dante interrogated Jason and Rattlehead. Dante, who appeared to be in charge of The Bourbon nightclub, wanted blood compensation (which Rattlehead supplied) for disturbing the peace around his club. Soon afterwards Joseph arrived and smoothed things over. The pair seemed to know each other well enough.

Sean and Halley were meanwhile hanging out in the front of the club where Halley overheard a strange conversation in the toilets about a party where people were performing strange rituals. Sean met up with an angry Leslie who had made her way to the Bourbon nightclub to meet friends. Leslie forgave Sean, though remained suspicious (read jealous) of Halley. Leslie gave her number to Sean asking him to call her later.

All the characters left the club and Halley spoke with Dimitri about an opportunity to get more information. The characters made their way to the meeting point with Dimitri (though Sean wanted to kill vampires with Joseph) where he informed everyone of the link between Gamalco, the 5 homeless subjects and the creation of the pink formor.

From here the pack planned an attack on the Northwest animal recycling plant to recover Scotty Morgan; a homeless man who was undergoing the change to a fomor.

After some spectacular luck on Sean’s part (and some terrible luck on Jason’s part) the team were able to infiltrate the plant, kill the guards and grab Scotty and another large man who was involved in the meeting. The characters tried to grab Langtree but as police descended on the complex they were forced to make a run for it and leave an unconscious Langtree behind.

Sean, Halley and Rattlehead were in a black van with the cops chasing behind, while Jason and Uratha found themselves escaping into the spirit world.


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