Hunger Pangs

This story arc began with the disappearance of one of father Olafsen’s friends, Bernard, amidst reports from some of the homeless that they had seen “monsters” in the sewers. The pack discovered that these monsters were actually fomori and found Bernard’s hide was actually home to two of these monsters and that several half-eaten bodies were inside.

The pack discovered the link between Bernard and Thomas Langtree, a representative for the company Gamalco. Further investigations uncovered the fact that some kind of medical tests had been performed on Bernard and that this project also overlapped with meat supplied by the Packenham meat company.

The pack tried to capture Thomas Langtree and rescue a homeless person who was undergoing the change into a pink Formor. While Langtree was badly injured and left at the scene the group were able to rescue Scotty Morgan discovering that the change can be reversed if rites are enacted before the change is complete. They also discovered that the change may in fact be caused by the consumption of tainted meat, presumably produced by Packenham meat company.

Packenham was discovered to be selling tainted meat through Victor’s burger joint, who also happened to be feeding homeless via an outreach program. The pack razed the burger place and later attacked the Packenham abattoir itself. Although it has already been decommissioned, it was here that the pack was first contacted by Mr. Zietterberg.

Zietterberg’s newest associate in Vancouver is Elizabeth VanVillet and it is her that the pack have set their sights on.

Hunger Pangs

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