Greater Vancouver Protectorate

The Protectorate is a group of loosely allied Garou and the area they have claimed as their territory. This area includes the City of Vancouver and it’s western satellites extending down to the USA border. The boundary runs up the North western coast to include Horsehoe bay and the peninsula, along the Sechelt inlet before cutting back towards Garibaldi to include the resort town of Whistler. The Eastern boundary is formed by Lake Lilloet and the river that runs from it. Four Caerns exist in the Greater Vancouver protectorate. Within this framework the tribes of the Garou exert varying levels of power and influence. While the four septs in the region have agreed to work together, they have wildly differing views on the Litany and how best to fight the Wyrm.

Tribal influence in the region

Each tribe has a varying level of power and influence within the region that corresponds (in most cases)roughly with the size of their tribe and kinfolk. Listed below are the tribes and their influence in the region.


The Wendigo have many kinfolk in the area and are the predominant tribe in both the sept of Winter’s teeth and Cold Tears. The power they wield is largely cultural and stems from their knowledge of old legends and rites connected to the land. They exist in much larger numbers in the North of the protectorate. A violent history with European garou has left many Wendigo bitter and distrustful of the other tribes, though.

Silver Fangs

The Silver Fangs have nowhere near the numbers of Garou and Kinfolk that the Wendigo have but they have their people in the right places. Yves Bisclaret leads the Sept of the Sky Lake while his brother, Leon, leads the Sept of Cold Tears. The ability to broker peace and unite the tribes has given the tribe it’s power in the region, though the Sept of Winter’s Teeth has been resistant to Silver Fang influence.

Red Talons

The Talons are the second most numerous in Garou numbers in the protectorate but their influence is limited to the sept of Winter’s Teeth. That said their numbers have allowed them to place many younger Garou in other septs. If they were more politically organised, they are in a position to wield considerable influence.


The Fianna are the third most populous tribe of Garou. The Fianna in the protectorate have large numbers of kinfolk divided amongst several families; most notably the Owens family. To date the Fianna hold minor positions in most of the septs, their support largely given to the Bisclaret family of the Silver Fangs.


Past defeats, loss of territory and a mysterious calamity at the turn of the last century has taken it’s toll on the tribe. That said the Uktena tribe still maintains a strong base of kinfolk in the area. They hold many of the land’s most powerful secrets and are valued members of the septs of the Sky Lake, the Dawn and Cold Tears. They are somewhat insular and reluctant to share their secrets with the other tribes.

Glass Walkers

The Glass walkers influence is largely limited to human society. They have considerable financial resources due in no small part to Veronika Lam. Despite this their political influence is largely stymied by mistrust and resistance from the other tribes; chiefly the Wendigo and Red Talons. They weild some influence in the Septs of the Sky Lake and Dawn but it is a brave Walker who venture’s into Winter’s Teeth territory.

Children of Gaia

The Children of Gaia had considerable influence in the protectorate in the 1980s but the shameful exile of two prominent members, and losses in battle have seen the tribes influence wane. Combined with the ascending power of the Wendigo and Talons in the region many Children of Gaia struggle to have their voices heard amongst the other tribes.

Bone Gnawers

This tribe is something of a sleeping giant in the region. While they have little to no influence in the other septs, they have a reasonable number of kin amongst the large homeless population in the city. Jaimie Ishihara is something of a power broker in the tribe being Yves Bisclaret’s left hand man and maintaining a small Gnawer camp in Stanley Park. As many of the Gnawers seem to come and go through the city, their numbers and influence is hard to quantify.

Get of Fenris, Black Furies, Stargazers

These three tribes lack the numbers within the protectorate to wield any real influence. There are prominent individuals from these tribes scattered throughout the protectorate but a unified tribal presence is virtually non-existent.

Silent Striders, Shadow lords

These tribes are represented by no more than a couple of individuals across the protectorate. The Shadow lords are largely mistrusted by the Uktena and Wendigo and the Bisclaret family has done little to work against this predjudice. Silent striders are also viewed with distrust, largely due to the legacy left by Ifraaz Aziz (though no Garou is keen to talk about exactly what happened).

Greater Vancouver Protectorate

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