Hunger Pangs

Season 2 - Chapter 2
Maggots in the meat

At the opening of the story the pack was driving towards the Packhenham abattoir and meat processing plant. Halley wanted to pull up and discuss strategy before entering the plant.
It was here Sean contacted his brother in response to a text from Joseph. He learned that his mother had passed away and his brother wanted him to return to Boston for the funeral.
Halley wanted to have a spar with Ted to test out his combat abilities. After exchanging a few blows they called it quits and decided to move on to the plant.

At the abattoir the group discovered that there was a single security guard who was absorbed in a television show. Jason and Ted snuck around the back of the complex while Sean kept an eye on the guard from the shadows.

Upon entering the complex Jason and Ted discovered that it had been closed for some time and that it appeared deserted. As they made their way through the complex they discovered three formor on the fourth floor. While they were able to silently approach the room, continual discussion about what to do roused the formor.

After exchanging several blows, Ted was struggling to take down the formor. Jason killed one and told Ted to make a run for the elevator. Ted escaped to the fifth floor while Jason continued fighting. Ted found an office and as he entered the room lit up and a phone began ringing.

Hearing the commotion in the building Sean changed to Crinos and tried to scale the building. After falling once he alerted the security guard who was overcome by the delirium. Sean persisted and was finally able to scale the building. He entered via the roof and found Ted scrambling through the office.

While Ted found a gun and some US dollars, Sean answered the phone. Sean realized he was talking on the phone with Zietterburg. In the conversation Zietterberg seemed to know the group were fairly young Garou and wanted Sean to join him serving the Wyrm adding that Sean should come find him in Arizona.
Sean told Zietterburg to “go fuck himself” and Zietterburg asked about Sean’s family.
Finally Zietterberg told Sean he left a surprise in the basement for them.

Downstairs Jason had disposed of one more formor before the other suddenly stopped fighting. The ground begun to rumble as a large Thunderwyrm erupted from beneath the carpark. The formor turned and ran. Sean and Ted ran to the top of the building while Jason rabbed the body of the dead formor and ran at the barred window. Jason successfully busted through the window but took enough damage from the fall that he was knocked unconscious.

Feeling the rumbling from the emerging Thunderwyrm, Halley ran into the car park. As the Thunderwyrm grabbed onto the side of the building, Sean tried to leap off the roof and onto the beast. Unfortunately he missed and was also knocked knocked unconscious by the fall. Halley ran at the wyrm, clawing up one side of the beast while Ted shot at it from the roof. The wyrm ripped one side of the building off before turning to grab at Halley. It managed to pierce Halley in the shoulder with one of it’s mandibles while Ted shot it in the side. Finally Halley clambered up to the head, ripping it free from the creature’s body.

Once the creature was disposed off, Sean and Jason were able to recover themselves. The pack grabbed a hard drive from the office, dragged the security guard free from the building before setting the building alight.

The pack are now on route to Joseph’s farm. Sean has announced he will leave to go to Boston and that the pack should head to Arizona. Halley and Jason expressed interest in talking to Veronika.

Season 2 - Chapter 1
Picking up the pieces

The story opened with the characters standing at the body of a lifeless man just after the moot. A howl summoned the players back to the heart of the Caern where they were directed to return to the lodge in the valley. The next morning The Maw left with Rattlehead to return to the Sept of Winter’s teeth.

The characters spent three weeks stuck at the caern performing basic duties and patrolling the bawn. During this time they had a few opportunities to speak with Jawn and Yves. At the end of the third week The Maw returned with Ted Cane (as a replacement for Rattlehead). Later that same day Joseph arrived to pick up the characters and return them to the city.

Upon arriving at the city the Jason and Ted decided to stake out Jason’s old apartment. They didn’t find much inside but Ted was able to discern that someone was watching the apartment from across the road. The rest of the pack decided to find a hotel downtown while Jason wanted to stick around and investigate who was watching over the apartment. Unfortunately a a botched attempt at unlocking the lobby door caused the glass to break and Jason decided to take the pack’s car (given to them by Veronika) and leave.

The pack found a hotel in Yaletown and while outside the hotel Uratha slipped sideways into the Umbra. Here she met with Skree, who stated he would come and find the pack. Upon returing to the material world Uratha met up with Sean, Halley and Ted. They headed off to a restaurant where they were soon joined by Jason.

At the restaurant Sean made eyes with a girl at the bar, Lakshmi, and agreed to meet her out later. Jason and Halley exited the restaurant early and while Halley was buying some first aid supplies, Jason was approached by Skree. Skree asked Jason to dispose of a vampire in the abandoned train tunnel, stating he would leave a urine trail to follow.

After some disagreement over who should pay the bill, the pack decided to go after the vampire with the exception of Halley. Halley organized a meeting with Veronika downtown. The rest of the pack entered the abandoned train tunnel and Sean used his fae light to light the way. Some way along the path, the pack discovered a backpack with a box inside and a note to bring it along. Jason took the box and continued following the trail.

After some trepidation from the rest of the pack about the identity of the box, Jason tried to open it. After another botched attempt he ended up arming the bomb inside. Jason threw the box and he, Ted, Uratha and Sean all jumped into a sewer pipe. The resulting explosion collapsed the tunnel trapping them in the sewers. The group eventually managed to catch up with Skree in the sewers and appearing annoyed, Skree bailed on the group.

Meanwhile Halley was discussing the possibility of getting another car with Veronika. Halley also discovered that there were two groups of vampires fighting each other in the city. The group Dante was involved with had made peace with the Garou but another group known as the Red scorpions were trying to take over the city. She also warned Halley that she should be very careful in having dealing with Ratkin, that these deals usually worked out for the worst.

Veronika also looked over the documents the pack recovered from Victor’s and was able to discern the address of the abatoir the meat had come from. She also said that a M Zietterberg had signed off on many of the documents. Veronika said she would dig up some dirt on Zietterberg and get back to Halley. Halley walked outside the restaurant to find smoke rising up form a nearby street. Dropping through a nearby sewer vent she was able to meet up with the pack.

Uratha followed the faint smell of blood in the sewers and eventually reach the point where Halley was. While everyone met in this room they were attacked by a group of Cannibal formor. Jason decapitated one and while Halley, Ted and Sean took on three others. While Ted was able to shoot the formor down and Halley finish them off in Crinos, Sean’s gun jammed and he was badly mauled by one of the formor. Jason used the body of one formor to subdue the last one.

While tending to Sean’s wounds the group was approached by Brian (who they later found out to be the vampire Skree was trying to kill). He offered to guide them out of the sewers and somewhere they could get help. Using a strange song he was able to enchant Sean and the group were led to the Bourbon, owned by Dante Marconio.

The old vampire tried to glean information from the player’s and when unsuccessful with Jason was able to read Sean’s addled mind. He warned the players to leave Brian alone and allowed them to leave after they refused his invitation to heal Sean.

From here the pack headed to Father Olafsen’s to rest for the evening and the next morning went into Stanley park to find Jaimie Ishihara. Jaimie seemed to view Skree in a more positive light than Veronika and reiterated that he thought they might know something about a powerful fetish.

Finally the characters left their bulky equipment with Jaimie before setting out to investigate the abatoir.

Chapter 10
Something wicked this way comes

The pack was driven to the Sky Lake Caern by Joseph and asked to leave their Weaverish belongings at the lodge. They were led through the forest by Jawn “The-Little-Crow”, an elderly Garou until they reached the central Caern. Here they found several other Garou including Joseph and his pack.

The silence was broken by the arrival of The-Maw-in-the-Mist, Rattleheads mentor. He entered directly into the clearing staring each of the pack down in a display of dominance. Halley was the only one to momentarily resist.

Shortly after this the arrival of Yves Bisclaret was announced when two men entered carrying his shrine. The shrine bore the symbol of house Gevaudin (a deer’s head in a silver wolfs mouth) and a large silver klaive. Joseph explained that the crest of house Gevaudin commemorates the defeat of the Fianna in Europe. Yves declared the moot had begun by raising his klaive; Sebraya Neshmir (The Silver Death). The weapon caused palpable fear in all pack members except Halley. Sean fell off his seat running a few meters. After the opening of the moot, one by one the players moved off to talk with various Garou.

Sean spoke with Joseph,
Jason spoke with Jaimie,
Rattlehead spoke with The Maw,
Halley spoke with Kathrynne Warrior-of-song
and Uratha tried to speak with Rhiyann before moving on to Little Crow.

After this The Telling began and each of the werewolves presented recounted their recent deeds. Each of the characters was questioned by the elders and judged according to their responses. The elder Garou (Yves, Jawn, Jaimie and Hunter) made it clear they believe the pack has made some rash and foolish decisions. They told the pack to go and discuss how they would remedy this.

The pack discussed the option of returning to the city to find the source of corruption causing the cannibal formor to appear. A this point Rattlehead announced his intention to leave the pack and return to his home Caern. The pack discussed who would lead in Rattlehead’s place and after some speculation decided that they would leave the decision to their elders.

Returning to the clearing the elders seemed pleased that the characters would return to rectify their mistakes but Yves was particularly upset at the announcement of Rattlehead’s departure. The Maw assured Yves that he would return with another great warrior but that a Red Talon’s place was truly in the forest.

Yves agreed to this but told the pack they should nominate their own leader, as they knew each other better than any Garou. Jason was finally chosen as pack leader.

Following the telling the Sept’s totem, Pek the mountain goat, was summoned and Halley and Rattlehead stepped forth to receive it’s blessing.

After this ceremony Yves announced that anyone may call challenges and fights. Halley was the first to respond and challenged Rattlehead to a battle in Glabro form. After a few back and forth exchange of blows Halley was able to upend Rattlehead face first in the dust and knock him unconscious.

Uratha challenged Rhiyann, with Rhiyann saying she wanted to use weapons. Uratha agreed only to realise she had left her axe at the lodge. Uratha was able to stave off Rhiyann’s attacks for a few rounds but eventually succumbed after a few dirge wounds and an almighty kick to her groin left her unconscious.

Sean decided to call a fight with the sept leader, Yves. The fight did not last long as Yves paralyzed Sean with a howl of fear and headbutted him to the edge of consciousness.

Joe Owens called a fight on Jason for his remark the Fianna can’t fight. Interupting this, the Maw said it was not honorable to call a fight with a younger Garou. The Maw fought in Jason’s place badly mauling Joe.

Finally the moot was concluded by the summoning of Engling spirits and the Great Hunt.
With the exception of Uratha, the rest of the pack shook off some damage and chased Engling spirits through the forest. Devouring them to gain gnosis. While in a forest clearing Jason noticed glowing red eyes and asked the pack to join him and investigate. The eyes disappeard but in their place he found a dead man on the ground with two puncture wounds on his neck. A warning howl to return to the Caern’s heart was sounded and the episode finished.

Chapter 9
New players to the stage

Part 1
The story opened with the players returning to Wizard’s peak to honour the pine spirits with numerous offerings including salmon, fruit and a grab bag of animals hunted by Rattlehead.
Upon returning home Sean reviewed the footage of the webcam he set up to monitor his apartment and found a shadowy figure entering his apartment. The creature seemed to enter under the door by transforming into mist. Freaked out by this revelation Sean met with the others in the pack at Jason’s apartment and the group were soon paid a visit by Joseph and Veronika. Apparently the pair had purchased an old Datsun for the pack to use. Joseph was particularly impressed by the La Cucaracha horn.

Joseph was convinced the figure in the webcam footage was a vampire and warned Sean to cease living in his apartment. Sean and Uratha decided to return to the apartment to recover the documents from Victor’s (which Sean had forgotten to bring). Meanwhile Jason decided to go with Joseph for a meeting with Dante and ask about the vampiric intruder.

Halley and Rattlehead decided to stay home and cook a casserole.

Sean and Uratha returned to Sean’s apartment and, after a quick sip of whiskey, recovered the documents. On the return journey to Jason’s place they split up to try and mislead any potential tails. Thus began a very convoluted trip home. During this time Sean was led via a Raccoon (the pack’s totem) to a vampire attack. Sean attacked the vampire but it escaped. The woman recovered and made a run from the scene (and the lupus Sean). Sean took the woman’s purse and made his way back to a rendezvous with Uratha.

Meanwhile Jason and Joseph entered the Bourbon after goading the Vampire bouncer. Meeting with Dante revealed the intruder to the apartment was part of a Vampiric clan known as the Gangrel. Dante seemed particularly pleased to meet Jason again but Jospheph was clearly on edge about the meeting. Despite this, he agreed to dispose of some of Dante’s enemies. Upon leaving Jason ran into a red-headed woman who was later revealed as Joseph’s sister. Jason decided not to press the issue.

Uratha returned to Jason’s apartmet and collected Halley before making their way back to the bar (and a tipsy Sean). They tried to return to the apartment via the Penumbra but Sean angered a large weaver spirit by playing with its webbing. Halley retrieved Sean and the group had to make a run for it back to the material world.

The group ran back to Jason’s but as Halley was still in homid, she was left behind by Sean and Uratha. She was approached and attacked by a guy on the street. Unfortunately for the assailant she ended up smashing his head into the pavement with a massive blow in typical Halley style.

The characters are now back in Jason’s apartment with the documents and have realized the location of the meat plant and noticed the appearance of a “Mr Z” on several documents. They are also aware of Joseph’s plans to take out a nest of leeches in the morning. The session was left with Sean successfully creating a little Rage amongst his packmates before discussing the possibilites of going with Joseph or checking out the meat plant. Decisions, decisions.

Part 2
The pack decided to join Joseph and attack a house believed to contain vampires. Inside the house a fight broke out and one person inside was killed. Another fled the house. Inside the house Joseph found a closed coffin dragging it into the morning sun. He threatened the vampire inside asking for the location of a person vampire called “K-dog”.
The vampire denied knowing him but warned all the Garou that “Vogrod is coming”.
Joseph opened the casket and let the vampire burn to death in the morning sunlight.

The pack returned to Jason’s apartment where Sean incited a frenzy in Jason. In an attempt to claw Sean’s throat Jason tore through a wall and hurled Sean’s motorcycle. One side of the building has been demolished and several people were sent running.

Once Jason calmed, the pack made their way back to Wizard’s peak. Here Rattlehead challenged Sean for leadership of the pack via a straight fight and won. The pack made their way to the peak and Rattlehead managed to engage in delightful conversation with a group of crows in the trees. After some confusion the pack convinced the crows to call up Dimitri.

Dimitri was able to shed some light on Vogrod, despite Uratha’s hostility towards him. He explained Vogrod as a vampiric ghost story, something the elders tell the younger vamps to spook them. In conversation Dimitri asked the pack for their assistance in killing Dante (the vampiric owner of the Bourbon nightclub) stating he was the real enemy to be wary of.

As the group crossed the umbra, Jason got briefly trapped trying to make the crossing to the umbra and was rescued by Halley. Finally the characters returned to the city, bought mobile phones and called Joseph. Joseph has just picked up the pack and informed them it was time to attend the moot.

Chapter 8

After their foray into the spirit world, four of the packmates retired to Sean’s apartment to sleep while Jason went to work. After napping, Rattlehead and Halley went on a foray to find food and ended up finding and killing a deer in a park. After seeing a suspicious figure in the rain Halley returned to the apartment while Rattlehead buried the deer’s corpse. Around this time Jason finished his shift and made his way to the apartment by taxi (it appears Sean’s bike wasn’t working).

Rattlehead struggled to re-enter the building and had a subsequent argument with Sean. This distraction was enough to allow Dimitri to fly through the open balcony door. Dimitri brought the ominous news that he believes someone else was watching the affairs on the night of the Animal recycling plant raid. He also informed the characters of Thomas Langtree’s suspicious death in hospital and his final words before he died; that the chemical agent that created the fomor was “in the meat”.

Feeling paranoid Jason set up Sean’s webcam to monitor the apartment before the characters made their way to Victor’s burger place to scout around. Sean and Halley managed to distract the guy at the counter long enough for Sean to get into the upstairs part of the building. Meanwhile Jason questioned a homeless woman at the back of the restaurant. Unfortunately due to Sean’s distraction the surly counter attendant began beating up the homeless woman in front of Jason. Sean found a large man sleeping in a chair upstairs and managed to knock the man unconscious.

Everything appeared to be going smoothly until a car screeched to a halt and three men in suits ambushed the group. The assailants seemed well prepared and almost managed to carry Jason off into the car. Changing into Crinos in the street led to mass panic however the pack fought back managing to kill two of the men while a third man barely escaped. Rattlehead performed a beautiful Hare’s leap onto the vehicle but was shaken off eventually.

In the mean time Sean searched the desk of the unconscious man, Victor perhaps, and tied him to his chair. He grabbed a sack of money and some suspicious looking documents. Worried about leaving evidence the pack set the building alight leaving the occupants that were still alive to die a horrible, horrible death. As they escaped Rattlehead thinks he spotted another pink fomor.

The characters have taken documents and cash from Victor’s as well as weapons from their assailants. The good fight was fought but not without many witnesses to the pack’s transformation. Soon the pack will need to face their elders and recount their deeds.

Chapter 7
All watched over by machines of loving grace.

In an effort to destroy incriminating video footage the characters made their way into a weaver domain within the Umbra. Assisted by Veronika Lam, Uratha and Rattlehead tracked down the data while the other packmates assisted Joseph in creating a diversion.

Climbing on top of the tower they were in to cut the webbing holding structures together managed to attract the attention of the weaver spirits but as they made to escape Jason fell down the side of the building (ripping his claws out in the process) with Halley on his back. Sean dived over the edge with a cable in hand and was able to catch the pair before falling to their doom.

Meanwhile Uratha, Rattlehead and Veronika crawled into a nexus of information. While searching for the information Uratha received visions of a man in a lab, scientists performing strange experiments and possibly most disturbingly a vision of the pack being watched during the raid on the Northwest Recycling plant. Finally Uratha found the digital entity of the incriminating footage.

The video footage was found and destroyed while the packmates managed to hold off angry pattern spiders long enough for everyone to escape. Even Sean put his packmate’s lives before himself in a rare moment of inspired leadership, saving Jason and Halley and ensuring everyone made it to the exit portal safely.

And yet all is not yet perfect. Jason is making his way to work with a bloody hand and little more than an hours sleep. Uratha received disturbing visions of the pack being watched and while the pink fomor have been either killed or saved from possession, what creates them or who is targeting the homeless is still not well understood. What it all means still remains to be seen…

Chapter 6
Bad blood

The pack decided to assist the deteriorating Scotty Morgan and sought guidance from father Olafsen. Following his advice you they found themselves bringing an offering of Salmon to Wizard’s peak in order to coax a healing pine spirit into branch to create a Talen.

The journey was not without complications however as the pack struggled against internal dissention from within when Sean goaded Jason into a frenzy. Rattlehead began to voice his dissatisfaction with Sean’s leadership. Luckily Halley cited the litany and managed to keep the group focused on the task ahead. Upon reaching the peak and offering the salmon, malevolent spirits summoned by Uratha’s broken pact ambushed the pack. The devourer – a large wyrm spirit was defeated and the group finally enacted a minor rite to call the pine child spirit into the branch.

Beyond this Uratha and Jason chose not to head the warnings given in a mysterious letter from Dimitri and engaged in such larcenous activities as; petty theft, shoplifting, break and enter, and vandalism. Never to be outdone Rattlehead topped things of with the assault and subsequent murder of a police officer. Not wishing to go unrecognized for their deeds, Uratha (in Crinos) and Jason (in Homid) may also have been captured on CCTV cameras with a digital feed (possibly to a secondary location).

Despite these setbacks your pack achieved its primary goal and in a rite led by Uratha managed to purge Scotty Morgan’s soul once and for all of the Bane that was trying to possess him. The game finished with the character’s exhausted and resting in the Hope on Hastings mission. If only Jason didn’t have to work today…

Chapter 5
Beyond the flesh

Seeking to make an escape from police at the animal recycling plant the team was separated.

The police pursued Sean, Halley and Rattlehead into North Vancouver. Using the effects of the delirium they managed to shake the police presence but the large toad-like man they had taken hostage was killed in a minor crash. The group took a red sports car from a bystander also affected by the delirium. The toad-like man was dumped at the scene while Scotty Morgan was placed in the back of the car. The group proceeded without major incident towards Jason’s apartment.

Meanwhile Uratha and Jason had escaped into the Penumbra. Here they learnt that spirit spiders don’t play nice and Uratha was calcified by webbing. Jason managed to escape from the webbing while a large serpent-like spirit dragged the immobile Uratha towards the spiritual representation of the recycling plant tanks. Here Uratha struck a deal for her freedom, agreeing to “recover the orb from across the river.” The massive creature guided them to a crack in one of the tanks and the pair boarded a boat headed to a deeper realm in the spirit world.

Having escaped the Police Sean, Halley and Rattlehead brought Scotty Morgan back to Jason’s apartment to rest and recuperate. In addition to using the majority of Jason’s clean clothes they had time to interrogate him a little. They discovered that Scotty had agreed to some sort of “treatment” with the promise of curing his meth addiction. The treatment was given out of a mobile clinic in a truck to five participants in the homeless community.

Meanwhile in the Umbra, Uratha and Jason entered a spirit-realm known as The Scar. In this industrial nightmare Uratha was captured and turned into a Shade, forced to work at an enormous factory that supported an orb of spirit essence. Jason managed to escape the guard-spirits of this realm and joined a band of freedom fighting spirits led by the rat-kin Skree to liberate the orb’s energies. The epic battle that ensued eventuated with Jason, Uratha and a wounded Skree making their escape on an air spirit as an entire chunk of the Scar realm began to break apart with the spiritual energy released by the shattered orb.

Back in the real world, Halley, Rattlehead and Sean brought Scotty to Father Olafsen. He notified them that he could stave off Scotty’s transformation for a few days, but that they would need to gain the help of a healing pine spirit to ward off the bane that was devouring his soul. Father Olafsen also enlisted the help of Veronica to help re-locate Uratha and Jason.

Before Veronika could be of any assistance, Uratha and Jason made their exit from the spirit-world into Vancouver and made their way back to Jason’s apartment with Skree, the rat-kin. Joseph and Veronica picked up Sean, Halley and Rattlehead and reunited the pack at Jason’s apartment.

Chapter 4
In the Belly of the Beast

A Vampire by the name of Dante interrogated Jason and Rattlehead. Dante, who appeared to be in charge of The Bourbon nightclub, wanted blood compensation (which Rattlehead supplied) for disturbing the peace around his club. Soon afterwards Joseph arrived and smoothed things over. The pair seemed to know each other well enough.

Sean and Halley were meanwhile hanging out in the front of the club where Halley overheard a strange conversation in the toilets about a party where people were performing strange rituals. Sean met up with an angry Leslie who had made her way to the Bourbon nightclub to meet friends. Leslie forgave Sean, though remained suspicious (read jealous) of Halley. Leslie gave her number to Sean asking him to call her later.

All the characters left the club and Halley spoke with Dimitri about an opportunity to get more information. The characters made their way to the meeting point with Dimitri (though Sean wanted to kill vampires with Joseph) where he informed everyone of the link between Gamalco, the 5 homeless subjects and the creation of the pink formor.

From here the pack planned an attack on the Northwest animal recycling plant to recover Scotty Morgan; a homeless man who was undergoing the change to a fomor.

After some spectacular luck on Sean’s part (and some terrible luck on Jason’s part) the team were able to infiltrate the plant, kill the guards and grab Scotty and another large man who was involved in the meeting. The characters tried to grab Langtree but as police descended on the complex they were forced to make a run for it and leave an unconscious Langtree behind.

Sean, Halley and Rattlehead were in a black van with the cops chasing behind, while Jason and Uratha found themselves escaping into the spirit world.

Chapter 3
First Taste

The characters awoke to Halley in a frenzy after a nightmare in which she was trapped in a bizarre science experiment. After some damaged walls and furniture she was settled. Shortly after the episode Joe Owens visited the house.

He asked to meet up with the characters later that night and in the meantime to take the car lent by Veronica to a mechanic to get the plates scrubbed. While catching squirrels behind the mechanics, Rattlehead was approached by Dimitri Kholinyov, a wereraven, who convinced the characters to do him a favour. This led Jason, Halley and Rattlehead tracking a vampire into the sewers while Sean and Uratha met with Joseph on Blood st.

While tracking the vampire through the sewers, Jason and Rattlehead were separated. Jason found, fought and killed a formor, Halley catching up to him as the creature was incapacitated.

The pair managed to find and catch up to Rattlehead and emerged from the sewers at The Bourbon nightclub. Emerging from the sewers Jason then Rattlehead were captured. Halley avoided detection.

While the other were crawling around the sewers Joseph met with Sean and Uratha and suggested talking to Bernard’s daughter (Leslie) about her father and trying to generate some leads on the circumstances behind his disappearance.

Sean took up the task and after a shaky start Leslie began warming to Sean. Unfortunately he got into a fight at the bar, glassed a patron and floored one of the bouncers before running away.

On Sean’s return to the car Joseph received a call from Halley. He sped towards the Bourbon where he diffused a tense situation with the bouncers by allowing himself and Uratha to be captured, Sean managing to slink off and eventually meet up with Halley. Sean and Halley then entered through the front of the club, Sean talking their way in.

The game ended with three of the pack remanded by the nightclub’s goons while the other two are inside the bar.


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