Hunger Pangs

Chapter 1
Skin and Bone

The pack were driven to meet Father Peter Olafsen, director of the Hope on Hastings mission. He was concerned about a “Vino” Bernard. A missing homeless man among his regulars, Bernard had claimed he’d seen “monsters” in the sewers.

Father Olafsen introduced the pack to Aun; an indigenous man down on his luck who claimed to know where the missing man’s shelter was. The pack were guided to the shelter and Aun hurried off. They discovered a business card for Thomas Langtree, a map to a second hide and a card from Bernard’s daughter amongst the burger wrappers and wine bottles. Here they were attacked by a group of thugs with guns and a person who seemed to be trying to enact some sort of rite.

Most of the thugs were killed with one man knocked unconscious. The pack carried the man away and tried to rescucitate him but Halley grew impatient and shot him in the head.

The group followed the map to find a secondary hide in an abandoned train tunnel. Moving slowly through the darkness they came to the scent of rotting meat. Peeking around a corner they were ambushed by two bald, pink-skinned humanoids. The creatures were dispatched and the players found the half-eaten corpses of several homeless people.

The pack returned to the Hope mission to report the grim news to Father Olafsen.


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