Cannibal formor

The bitey pink monsters in the sewers.


The hissing pink humanoids that seem to want nothing more than to claw your face off. These creatures are created in a process of transformation when a bane spirit posseses a person. The creatures have bald blotchy pink skin, sharp claws and teeth and large black eyes. They have made no attempt to communicate with the pack and seem to have rudimentary intelligence. Judging by the piles of bodies in the sewer, they have a predilection for human meat.

The pack’s investigations have revealed that Thomas Langtree had involvement in creating five of these creatures from five homeless men. Langtree subjected the men to medical treatments delivered in the back of a van, however recent evidence suggests that a contaminant in the meat sold through Victor’s burger place may be responsible.

While one has proven easy enough to kill, they can be nasty in groups.

Cannibal formor

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