Hunger Pangs

Season 2 Episode 6

It's a trap!

The scene opens with In the hope on hastings mission. Father Olafsen is convinced that trying to rescue Van Villet is worthwhile. When Liz awoke she broke down saying that “whatever happens we’re dead anyway.” She expressed little faith in the pack’s ability to protect her or her son but was persuaded to assist them anyway. The pack continued to use her son as a bargaining tool and convinced her to dress for the meeting with Zietterberg’s associates. Uratha assisted, showing her more girly side, and Ted dressed himself as a Bodyguard. The pack readied themselves and took Elizabeth to her Tree milling plant in North Vancouver.

At the plant some argument broke out about strategy, whether to prepare an ambush or try to play along and get more information about the deal. VanVillet again warned the characters about going into an open fight and convinced the pack once more to let her make the meeting and assist the players. The argument about strategy led to Jason putting his foot down as leader and telling Ted to follow the plan. The fetish around Ted’s neck prevented him from arguing the point further. Ted dressed as Liz’s body guard stood with her at the meeting, Uratha stepped sideways to the spirit world and the rest of the pack remained hidden around the milling plant’s grounds. Things became tense when security forces arrived to set up a perimeter before the main party arrived with two strange humanoids, a young businessman and a pack of five Black Spiral Dancers. Ted quickly spotted the Dancer’s and, when they began to snoop around, Jason had to make a quick sidestep to the Umbra to avoid being detected.

The Black Spirals were wary, eyeing off Ted and Liz. They began talking in Garou and sent one of their pack (presumably a Theurge) to go to scope out the Penumbra. In the spirit realm the Black spiral materialized several meters away from Uratha. Luckily the Spiral was distracted and attacked a pattern spider, taking sick delight in slowly pulling it apart once deposed. Uratha managed to stealthily move away from the Dancer but was suddenly joined by Jason in the spirit world. The two got the jump on the spiral Dancer managing to kill the corrupted Garou as it attempted to step back across the gauntlet.

On the other side the talk between VanVillet and the young businessman revealed Zietterberg was purchasing the Mt. Polley mine. The talks began wrapping up but but the Spirals became tense when their packmate still had not returned from the Umbra. As tensions began to mount, Halley snuck into one of the boats that had brought Zietterberg’s attache. Ted moved around the milling shed and detonated a smoke bomb and explosive grenade before shouting “the perimeter has been compromised!”

The security forces grouped with the businessman, and two humanoids and ran back to the boat. The Spiral Dancers, still missing their packmate, refused to leave. Halley tried to attack the group on the boat but a poorly aimed molotov cocktail was dropped of the side of the boat by accident. Leaping off the boat and onto the pier, she moved to attack the security forces but they opened fire with assault rifles, spraying her with bullets. Channeling her rage to stay alive, Halley fled the scene in a fox frenzy (and has a permanently collapsed lung as a result).

In the confusion one of the Black Spirals punched Ted out as he was running towards Liz. Deciding they were under attack and their packmate was probably dead the Spiral pack fled the scene with an unconscious Ted and VanVillet in the grips of the Delirium. The episode closed with Uratha and a battered Jason peeking at the scene through the Umbra, watching four remaining Black Spiral Dancers take Liz and Ted captive and leaving the milling shed empty.


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