Hunger Pangs

Season 2 Episode 5

Heart-strings attached

After visiting father Olafsen to enquire about the spirit that attacked them, the pack decided to go through with entering VanVillet’s house. Upon entering the house the group found the bedroom of a young boy. In the spirit world the bane that had attacked them earlier appeared to be whispering something to the sleeping boy. The group attacked and the spirit managed to open some kind of portal before being vanquished. While the pack managed to keep scrags from exiting the portal, Jason suffered some serious wounds needing to channel his rage to keep from being incapacitated. He now has a permanent scar as a result.

Once the spirit was disposed of the group were able to exit from the Umbra on top of the sleeping VanVillet, taking her and her son hostage. As well as recovering several articles from the house to try and dig up leads. Ted tried to keep the boy calm while the group made an escape in Van Villet’s 4WD.

The character’s drove VanVillet to the woods and began interrogating her but she was soon possesed by a bane, vomiting and issuing threats at Ted. Jason lost his patience but when he went to break Liz’s neck, Uratha intervened biting his hand. Liz VanVillet made a run for it but (being restrained and running through snow) was easily run down and mercilessly beaten by Halley.

The group took VanVillet to the Hope on Hastings mission and have asked father Olafsen if it’s worth trying to save her from the Wyrm. In the meantime they must also decide what to do with her son, who appears free of Wyrm taint.


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