Hunger Pangs

Season 2 Episode 4

Unexpected visitors

The pack decided to head north from Whistler. Encountering a snow storm, they came to a stop after hitting a deer. As Jason, Uratha and Ted changed the tire, a whiteout set in. Left alone in rear-most car, Halley was approached by three men. Agreeing to go peacefully with the men, the rest of the group was approached Halley (actually another Garou disguised as Halley) and asked to submit peacefully. The group was led onto a mountain by Garou from the Sept of cold tears. They were interrogated by a Garou known as Crying Ice and Howling wind briefly before Leon Bisclaret (brother to Yves Bisclaret) showed up and explained that the pack had broken the litany and would need to see some form of punishment.

Dimitri soon arrived and was able to intervene stating he was an emissary from Yves. Leon reluctantly agreed to release the pack but wanted assurance they would be punished for breaking two tenets of the litany stating “My own people would suffer punishment for their transgressions”. From here the pack made their way back to the Sept of Sky Lake. Dimitri told the pack that he was aware that VanVillet was meeting some of Zietterberg’s representatives. Upon arrival at sky lake Halley received a rite to prevent her from turning into Crinos and Ted was forced to wear a fetish necklace of some kind. Uratha was able to determine that the necklace made him more obeisant and increased the difficulty to act against orders.

Veronica and father Olafsen suddenly arrived with Olafsen warning that a member of the society of Leopold had arrived in Vancouver. The pack was able to chat with several of the elders, mostly trying to get information about Zietterberg and Elizabeth VanVillet. Jason was also able to learn a little bit about the Corax, in particular their weakness to gold and affinity for shiny objects.

Returning to Vancouver the pack broke into Sean’s aparment to get some rest and take care of the basics. Once rested they decided to visit Elizabeth’s house in Kitsilano but somewhat deterred by the number of security cameras they decided to enter the house via the Umbra. In the penumbra they fought several Scrag banes before making their way into the garage. They slowly made their way through the house with Uratha peeking through to the real world. The group realized that VanVillet has a son who was present at the house. As they began discussing plans the pack was taken by surprise by an unknown spirit that possessed Jason and began blasting the group with bolts of green energy. The group made a hasty retreat and decided to cross back to the real world and check out the main trade docks of Vancouver.

Ted managed to gain access to the docs and take a look around but without any specific thing to look for was unable to generate much useful information. The group was met by Dimitri who explained that Elizabeth would be meeting associates of Zietterberg at the public Marina tomorrow night and that they were looking in the wrong place. From here to group returned home, planning to investigate VanVillet further and possibly join with Dimitri to investigate the public Marina.


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