Hunger Pangs

Season 2 Episode 3

Blood Brothers

The character’s left Joseph’s farm and as they were driving through the city were attacked by a group of unknown vampires. Joseph’s younger brother, Andy, was snatched from the car with the leeches making a quick escape. A distraught Joseph held back a frenzy while the group consulted what to do.

The group decided to consult with Dante but before doing this Jason convinced Uratha to smoke a strange substance giving her prophetic visions. As the visions hit, Uratha saw the vampire group driving past a sign to Whistler and talking about meeting up with “Sabine”.

Upon meeting up with Dante, he seemed to know Sahara stating that she was an old vampire and an enemy of his. He offered aid to the group giving them access to his personal weapon cache. Stating that sometime the pack could “return the favour”.

The group made their way to Whistler and began scouting around for clues. Rattlehead and Uratha had limited success scouting the parks and umbra. Halley and Jason also had limited success trying to find down and outers in up-market Whistler. Sean and Ted settled in to a local bar where Sean discovered there had been a particularly violent robbery the previous night across the road. Sean managed to find out the name of a clerk who was attacked and the hospital where he was staying.

In this time, Ted disappeared without Sean’s notice returning with another car. At this point pack tensions flared and the group accused Ted of strange behaviour. Halley demanded to see his phone and when he refused a struggle broke out. Halley made the full change to Crinos, Ted responded and the two went a few rounds in the street with several pedestrians screaming and running away.

The group decided to make a quick escape after the outburst and made their way to the hospital. Here they managed to talk to the clerk who was attacked and get information about the attackers. The clerk spoke of the robbers wanting to “juice up” before leaving town. While the clerk took this to mean drugs, the pack assumed this meant feeding and hit the bars.

The pack made their way to the main bar strip and after checking several bars found two vampires who had made a meal of an unwary patron. The vampires sensed something was up and made a quick escape with the 1/2 the pack following in pursuit. Joseph, Sean and Ted made their way North to try block the exit out of town.

The leeches fled to their hide-out grabbing Andy and three other vamps while taking shots at the pack. Under fire and driving into oncoming traffic, the car with Halley, Jason and Rattlehead stalled and the vampires fled North. “Sequestering” the vehicle from the friver who caused the accident the pack made their way to the Northern roadblock.

It was here that the vamps were forced into a showdown with the pack. Ted’s sharp shooting taking out one while Halley and Rattlehead took out two others. The tall blonde male leech and the goth looking female made an escape into the snow leaving Andy part way in the woods. The pack were able to locate Andy but the two vamps had disappeared.

At this point Joseph departed with Sean as Rattlehead made his way south to meet up with his mentor The Maw. Halley, Jason, Ted and Uratha drove south in the stolen car and were able to retrieve their impounded car by knocking out the tow-truck driver that had impounded it. The pack now find themselves in the early morning in Whistler with a stolen car and an impounded vehicle.


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