Hunger Pangs

Season 2 - Chapter 2

Maggots in the meat

At the opening of the story the pack was driving towards the Packhenham abattoir and meat processing plant. Halley wanted to pull up and discuss strategy before entering the plant.
It was here Sean contacted his brother in response to a text from Joseph. He learned that his mother had passed away and his brother wanted him to return to Boston for the funeral.
Halley wanted to have a spar with Ted to test out his combat abilities. After exchanging a few blows they called it quits and decided to move on to the plant.

At the abattoir the group discovered that there was a single security guard who was absorbed in a television show. Jason and Ted snuck around the back of the complex while Sean kept an eye on the guard from the shadows.

Upon entering the complex Jason and Ted discovered that it had been closed for some time and that it appeared deserted. As they made their way through the complex they discovered three formor on the fourth floor. While they were able to silently approach the room, continual discussion about what to do roused the formor.

After exchanging several blows, Ted was struggling to take down the formor. Jason killed one and told Ted to make a run for the elevator. Ted escaped to the fifth floor while Jason continued fighting. Ted found an office and as he entered the room lit up and a phone began ringing.

Hearing the commotion in the building Sean changed to Crinos and tried to scale the building. After falling once he alerted the security guard who was overcome by the delirium. Sean persisted and was finally able to scale the building. He entered via the roof and found Ted scrambling through the office.

While Ted found a gun and some US dollars, Sean answered the phone. Sean realized he was talking on the phone with Zietterburg. In the conversation Zietterberg seemed to know the group were fairly young Garou and wanted Sean to join him serving the Wyrm adding that Sean should come find him in Arizona.
Sean told Zietterburg to “go fuck himself” and Zietterburg asked about Sean’s family.
Finally Zietterberg told Sean he left a surprise in the basement for them.

Downstairs Jason had disposed of one more formor before the other suddenly stopped fighting. The ground begun to rumble as a large Thunderwyrm erupted from beneath the carpark. The formor turned and ran. Sean and Ted ran to the top of the building while Jason rabbed the body of the dead formor and ran at the barred window. Jason successfully busted through the window but took enough damage from the fall that he was knocked unconscious.

Feeling the rumbling from the emerging Thunderwyrm, Halley ran into the car park. As the Thunderwyrm grabbed onto the side of the building, Sean tried to leap off the roof and onto the beast. Unfortunately he missed and was also knocked knocked unconscious by the fall. Halley ran at the wyrm, clawing up one side of the beast while Ted shot at it from the roof. The wyrm ripped one side of the building off before turning to grab at Halley. It managed to pierce Halley in the shoulder with one of it’s mandibles while Ted shot it in the side. Finally Halley clambered up to the head, ripping it free from the creature’s body.

Once the creature was disposed off, Sean and Jason were able to recover themselves. The pack grabbed a hard drive from the office, dragged the security guard free from the building before setting the building alight.

The pack are now on route to Joseph’s farm. Sean has announced he will leave to go to Boston and that the pack should head to Arizona. Halley and Jason expressed interest in talking to Veronika.


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