Hunger Pangs

Season 2 - Chapter 1

Picking up the pieces

The story opened with the characters standing at the body of a lifeless man just after the moot. A howl summoned the players back to the heart of the Caern where they were directed to return to the lodge in the valley. The next morning The Maw left with Rattlehead to return to the Sept of Winter’s teeth.

The characters spent three weeks stuck at the caern performing basic duties and patrolling the bawn. During this time they had a few opportunities to speak with Jawn and Yves. At the end of the third week The Maw returned with Ted Cane (as a replacement for Rattlehead). Later that same day Joseph arrived to pick up the characters and return them to the city.

Upon arriving at the city the Jason and Ted decided to stake out Jason’s old apartment. They didn’t find much inside but Ted was able to discern that someone was watching the apartment from across the road. The rest of the pack decided to find a hotel downtown while Jason wanted to stick around and investigate who was watching over the apartment. Unfortunately a a botched attempt at unlocking the lobby door caused the glass to break and Jason decided to take the pack’s car (given to them by Veronika) and leave.

The pack found a hotel in Yaletown and while outside the hotel Uratha slipped sideways into the Umbra. Here she met with Skree, who stated he would come and find the pack. Upon returing to the material world Uratha met up with Sean, Halley and Ted. They headed off to a restaurant where they were soon joined by Jason.

At the restaurant Sean made eyes with a girl at the bar, Lakshmi, and agreed to meet her out later. Jason and Halley exited the restaurant early and while Halley was buying some first aid supplies, Jason was approached by Skree. Skree asked Jason to dispose of a vampire in the abandoned train tunnel, stating he would leave a urine trail to follow.

After some disagreement over who should pay the bill, the pack decided to go after the vampire with the exception of Halley. Halley organized a meeting with Veronika downtown. The rest of the pack entered the abandoned train tunnel and Sean used his fae light to light the way. Some way along the path, the pack discovered a backpack with a box inside and a note to bring it along. Jason took the box and continued following the trail.

After some trepidation from the rest of the pack about the identity of the box, Jason tried to open it. After another botched attempt he ended up arming the bomb inside. Jason threw the box and he, Ted, Uratha and Sean all jumped into a sewer pipe. The resulting explosion collapsed the tunnel trapping them in the sewers. The group eventually managed to catch up with Skree in the sewers and appearing annoyed, Skree bailed on the group.

Meanwhile Halley was discussing the possibility of getting another car with Veronika. Halley also discovered that there were two groups of vampires fighting each other in the city. The group Dante was involved with had made peace with the Garou but another group known as the Red scorpions were trying to take over the city. She also warned Halley that she should be very careful in having dealing with Ratkin, that these deals usually worked out for the worst.

Veronika also looked over the documents the pack recovered from Victor’s and was able to discern the address of the abatoir the meat had come from. She also said that a M Zietterberg had signed off on many of the documents. Veronika said she would dig up some dirt on Zietterberg and get back to Halley. Halley walked outside the restaurant to find smoke rising up form a nearby street. Dropping through a nearby sewer vent she was able to meet up with the pack.

Uratha followed the faint smell of blood in the sewers and eventually reach the point where Halley was. While everyone met in this room they were attacked by a group of Cannibal formor. Jason decapitated one and while Halley, Ted and Sean took on three others. While Ted was able to shoot the formor down and Halley finish them off in Crinos, Sean’s gun jammed and he was badly mauled by one of the formor. Jason used the body of one formor to subdue the last one.

While tending to Sean’s wounds the group was approached by Brian (who they later found out to be the vampire Skree was trying to kill). He offered to guide them out of the sewers and somewhere they could get help. Using a strange song he was able to enchant Sean and the group were led to the Bourbon, owned by Dante Marconio.

The old vampire tried to glean information from the player’s and when unsuccessful with Jason was able to read Sean’s addled mind. He warned the players to leave Brian alone and allowed them to leave after they refused his invitation to heal Sean.

From here the pack headed to Father Olafsen’s to rest for the evening and the next morning went into Stanley park to find Jaimie Ishihara. Jaimie seemed to view Skree in a more positive light than Veronika and reiterated that he thought they might know something about a powerful fetish.

Finally the characters left their bulky equipment with Jaimie before setting out to investigate the abatoir.


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