Hunger Pangs

Chapter 9

New players to the stage

Part 1
The story opened with the players returning to Wizard’s peak to honour the pine spirits with numerous offerings including salmon, fruit and a grab bag of animals hunted by Rattlehead.
Upon returning home Sean reviewed the footage of the webcam he set up to monitor his apartment and found a shadowy figure entering his apartment. The creature seemed to enter under the door by transforming into mist. Freaked out by this revelation Sean met with the others in the pack at Jason’s apartment and the group were soon paid a visit by Joseph and Veronika. Apparently the pair had purchased an old Datsun for the pack to use. Joseph was particularly impressed by the La Cucaracha horn.

Joseph was convinced the figure in the webcam footage was a vampire and warned Sean to cease living in his apartment. Sean and Uratha decided to return to the apartment to recover the documents from Victor’s (which Sean had forgotten to bring). Meanwhile Jason decided to go with Joseph for a meeting with Dante and ask about the vampiric intruder.

Halley and Rattlehead decided to stay home and cook a casserole.

Sean and Uratha returned to Sean’s apartment and, after a quick sip of whiskey, recovered the documents. On the return journey to Jason’s place they split up to try and mislead any potential tails. Thus began a very convoluted trip home. During this time Sean was led via a Raccoon (the pack’s totem) to a vampire attack. Sean attacked the vampire but it escaped. The woman recovered and made a run from the scene (and the lupus Sean). Sean took the woman’s purse and made his way back to a rendezvous with Uratha.

Meanwhile Jason and Joseph entered the Bourbon after goading the Vampire bouncer. Meeting with Dante revealed the intruder to the apartment was part of a Vampiric clan known as the Gangrel. Dante seemed particularly pleased to meet Jason again but Jospheph was clearly on edge about the meeting. Despite this, he agreed to dispose of some of Dante’s enemies. Upon leaving Jason ran into a red-headed woman who was later revealed as Joseph’s sister. Jason decided not to press the issue.

Uratha returned to Jason’s apartmet and collected Halley before making their way back to the bar (and a tipsy Sean). They tried to return to the apartment via the Penumbra but Sean angered a large weaver spirit by playing with its webbing. Halley retrieved Sean and the group had to make a run for it back to the material world.

The group ran back to Jason’s but as Halley was still in homid, she was left behind by Sean and Uratha. She was approached and attacked by a guy on the street. Unfortunately for the assailant she ended up smashing his head into the pavement with a massive blow in typical Halley style.

The characters are now back in Jason’s apartment with the documents and have realized the location of the meat plant and noticed the appearance of a “Mr Z” on several documents. They are also aware of Joseph’s plans to take out a nest of leeches in the morning. The session was left with Sean successfully creating a little Rage amongst his packmates before discussing the possibilites of going with Joseph or checking out the meat plant. Decisions, decisions.

Part 2
The pack decided to join Joseph and attack a house believed to contain vampires. Inside the house a fight broke out and one person inside was killed. Another fled the house. Inside the house Joseph found a closed coffin dragging it into the morning sun. He threatened the vampire inside asking for the location of a person vampire called “K-dog”.
The vampire denied knowing him but warned all the Garou that “Vogrod is coming”.
Joseph opened the casket and let the vampire burn to death in the morning sunlight.

The pack returned to Jason’s apartment where Sean incited a frenzy in Jason. In an attempt to claw Sean’s throat Jason tore through a wall and hurled Sean’s motorcycle. One side of the building has been demolished and several people were sent running.

Once Jason calmed, the pack made their way back to Wizard’s peak. Here Rattlehead challenged Sean for leadership of the pack via a straight fight and won. The pack made their way to the peak and Rattlehead managed to engage in delightful conversation with a group of crows in the trees. After some confusion the pack convinced the crows to call up Dimitri.

Dimitri was able to shed some light on Vogrod, despite Uratha’s hostility towards him. He explained Vogrod as a vampiric ghost story, something the elders tell the younger vamps to spook them. In conversation Dimitri asked the pack for their assistance in killing Dante (the vampiric owner of the Bourbon nightclub) stating he was the real enemy to be wary of.

As the group crossed the umbra, Jason got briefly trapped trying to make the crossing to the umbra and was rescued by Halley. Finally the characters returned to the city, bought mobile phones and called Joseph. Joseph has just picked up the pack and informed them it was time to attend the moot.


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