Hunger Pangs

Chapter 8


After their foray into the spirit world, four of the packmates retired to Sean’s apartment to sleep while Jason went to work. After napping, Rattlehead and Halley went on a foray to find food and ended up finding and killing a deer in a park. After seeing a suspicious figure in the rain Halley returned to the apartment while Rattlehead buried the deer’s corpse. Around this time Jason finished his shift and made his way to the apartment by taxi (it appears Sean’s bike wasn’t working).

Rattlehead struggled to re-enter the building and had a subsequent argument with Sean. This distraction was enough to allow Dimitri to fly through the open balcony door. Dimitri brought the ominous news that he believes someone else was watching the affairs on the night of the Animal recycling plant raid. He also informed the characters of Thomas Langtree’s suspicious death in hospital and his final words before he died; that the chemical agent that created the fomor was “in the meat”.

Feeling paranoid Jason set up Sean’s webcam to monitor the apartment before the characters made their way to Victor’s burger place to scout around. Sean and Halley managed to distract the guy at the counter long enough for Sean to get into the upstairs part of the building. Meanwhile Jason questioned a homeless woman at the back of the restaurant. Unfortunately due to Sean’s distraction the surly counter attendant began beating up the homeless woman in front of Jason. Sean found a large man sleeping in a chair upstairs and managed to knock the man unconscious.

Everything appeared to be going smoothly until a car screeched to a halt and three men in suits ambushed the group. The assailants seemed well prepared and almost managed to carry Jason off into the car. Changing into Crinos in the street led to mass panic however the pack fought back managing to kill two of the men while a third man barely escaped. Rattlehead performed a beautiful Hare’s leap onto the vehicle but was shaken off eventually.

In the mean time Sean searched the desk of the unconscious man, Victor perhaps, and tied him to his chair. He grabbed a sack of money and some suspicious looking documents. Worried about leaving evidence the pack set the building alight leaving the occupants that were still alive to die a horrible, horrible death. As they escaped Rattlehead thinks he spotted another pink fomor.

The characters have taken documents and cash from Victor’s as well as weapons from their assailants. The good fight was fought but not without many witnesses to the pack’s transformation. Soon the pack will need to face their elders and recount their deeds.


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