Hunger Pangs

Chapter 7

All watched over by machines of loving grace.

In an effort to destroy incriminating video footage the characters made their way into a weaver domain within the Umbra. Assisted by Veronika Lam, Uratha and Rattlehead tracked down the data while the other packmates assisted Joseph in creating a diversion.

Climbing on top of the tower they were in to cut the webbing holding structures together managed to attract the attention of the weaver spirits but as they made to escape Jason fell down the side of the building (ripping his claws out in the process) with Halley on his back. Sean dived over the edge with a cable in hand and was able to catch the pair before falling to their doom.

Meanwhile Uratha, Rattlehead and Veronika crawled into a nexus of information. While searching for the information Uratha received visions of a man in a lab, scientists performing strange experiments and possibly most disturbingly a vision of the pack being watched during the raid on the Northwest Recycling plant. Finally Uratha found the digital entity of the incriminating footage.

The video footage was found and destroyed while the packmates managed to hold off angry pattern spiders long enough for everyone to escape. Even Sean put his packmate’s lives before himself in a rare moment of inspired leadership, saving Jason and Halley and ensuring everyone made it to the exit portal safely.

And yet all is not yet perfect. Jason is making his way to work with a bloody hand and little more than an hours sleep. Uratha received disturbing visions of the pack being watched and while the pink fomor have been either killed or saved from possession, what creates them or who is targeting the homeless is still not well understood. What it all means still remains to be seen…


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