Hunger Pangs

Chapter 10

Something wicked this way comes

The pack was driven to the Sky Lake Caern by Joseph and asked to leave their Weaverish belongings at the lodge. They were led through the forest by Jawn “The-Little-Crow”, an elderly Garou until they reached the central Caern. Here they found several other Garou including Joseph and his pack.

The silence was broken by the arrival of The-Maw-in-the-Mist, Rattleheads mentor. He entered directly into the clearing staring each of the pack down in a display of dominance. Halley was the only one to momentarily resist.

Shortly after this the arrival of Yves Bisclaret was announced when two men entered carrying his shrine. The shrine bore the symbol of house Gevaudin (a deer’s head in a silver wolfs mouth) and a large silver klaive. Joseph explained that the crest of house Gevaudin commemorates the defeat of the Fianna in Europe. Yves declared the moot had begun by raising his klaive; Sebraya Neshmir (The Silver Death). The weapon caused palpable fear in all pack members except Halley. Sean fell off his seat running a few meters. After the opening of the moot, one by one the players moved off to talk with various Garou.

Sean spoke with Joseph,
Jason spoke with Jaimie,
Rattlehead spoke with The Maw,
Halley spoke with Kathrynne Warrior-of-song
and Uratha tried to speak with Rhiyann before moving on to Little Crow.

After this The Telling began and each of the werewolves presented recounted their recent deeds. Each of the characters was questioned by the elders and judged according to their responses. The elder Garou (Yves, Jawn, Jaimie and Hunter) made it clear they believe the pack has made some rash and foolish decisions. They told the pack to go and discuss how they would remedy this.

The pack discussed the option of returning to the city to find the source of corruption causing the cannibal formor to appear. A this point Rattlehead announced his intention to leave the pack and return to his home Caern. The pack discussed who would lead in Rattlehead’s place and after some speculation decided that they would leave the decision to their elders.

Returning to the clearing the elders seemed pleased that the characters would return to rectify their mistakes but Yves was particularly upset at the announcement of Rattlehead’s departure. The Maw assured Yves that he would return with another great warrior but that a Red Talon’s place was truly in the forest.

Yves agreed to this but told the pack they should nominate their own leader, as they knew each other better than any Garou. Jason was finally chosen as pack leader.

Following the telling the Sept’s totem, Pek the mountain goat, was summoned and Halley and Rattlehead stepped forth to receive it’s blessing.

After this ceremony Yves announced that anyone may call challenges and fights. Halley was the first to respond and challenged Rattlehead to a battle in Glabro form. After a few back and forth exchange of blows Halley was able to upend Rattlehead face first in the dust and knock him unconscious.

Uratha challenged Rhiyann, with Rhiyann saying she wanted to use weapons. Uratha agreed only to realise she had left her axe at the lodge. Uratha was able to stave off Rhiyann’s attacks for a few rounds but eventually succumbed after a few dirge wounds and an almighty kick to her groin left her unconscious.

Sean decided to call a fight with the sept leader, Yves. The fight did not last long as Yves paralyzed Sean with a howl of fear and headbutted him to the edge of consciousness.

Joe Owens called a fight on Jason for his remark the Fianna can’t fight. Interupting this, the Maw said it was not honorable to call a fight with a younger Garou. The Maw fought in Jason’s place badly mauling Joe.

Finally the moot was concluded by the summoning of Engling spirits and the Great Hunt.
With the exception of Uratha, the rest of the pack shook off some damage and chased Engling spirits through the forest. Devouring them to gain gnosis. While in a forest clearing Jason noticed glowing red eyes and asked the pack to join him and investigate. The eyes disappeard but in their place he found a dead man on the ground with two puncture wounds on his neck. A warning howl to return to the Caern’s heart was sounded and the episode finished.


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