Welcome players and strangers to Hunger Pangs!

Vancouver BC, where the ocean meets the mountains, where the city meets the forest. It seems like an idyllic location but all is not as it seems. Loathsome creatures go bump in the night. Innocent people are caught in the crossfire of a shadow war between gargantuan spiritual entities.

Hunger pangs is a Werewolf: the Apocalypse game set in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It takes place around 2006/7, before much of the city was “prettied up” in preparation for the Winter Olympic games. The game focuses on a pack of five young Werewolves, all of whom are relatively new to the city. Under the guidance and direction of senior Garou they investigate and battle the corrupt forces of the Wyrm.

The game has run in Seasons (as in TV series) and we are currently in our second season. We are running regular sessions again and season 2 is looking like a scorcher! As the characters plunge deeper into the secret schemes of the Wyrm, they find themselves in ever greater danger.

For the players

Come in and have a look around. I’ve started uploading the game session summaries and creating short Character bios for the NPCs. As a general rule of thumb I’ve only gone into as much detail as the characters would be expected to know. On the wiki I’ve put a good amount of information on the political landscape of the Garou around the Vancouver area. This covers stuff the characters would know but we’ve never had the chance to talk about at length “in game”.

I’ve been trying to organise the wiki a little more coherently into three main sections;
Setting – the various locations
Cast – The other characters that make up the game.
Story Arcs – A summary of the major story arcs in the game.

Hunger Pangs

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